Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, September 4, 2016

From Coast to Coast and Back Again (Lautoka 2nd Area, Week 2)

Some scenic shots from some of the places we proselyte in Lautoka.

Boy, what a busy week! I thought being an Airport Elder was busy, but this might top it!

Monday we were able to visit Jonas, an Indian youth in the ward who has cancer. We gave him a blessing, and he came to church this week for the first time in 6 months. He said something as he walked into the chapel that I don't want to ever forget, "I feel just a blast of the Spirit right now." He's such a great guy, so proud of how hard he's fighting this sickness!

Tuesday we were able to see Niko, our new
investigator, for the first time. We taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel and he just ate everything up. He said he wanted to change his life, and he's doing that in amazing ways! I've never had an investigator quite like him - when we handed him the Book of Mormon for the first time, he accepted it with a gentleness I didn't expect, but was grateful to behold. We saw him again on Friday and had a great lesson on the things we need to do in this life to return to live with our Heavenly Father again, including baptism, which he accepted immediately. Unfortunately, he had to pull a double-shift on Saturday and got home early Sunday morning, so he wasn't able to go to church.
The Mission Leadership Council (MLC), made up of Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and Assistants to the Mission President. I look so small compared to everyone haha

Wednesday we drove down to Suva for our big mission leadership meeting - about a five hour drive, but it was fun, and we actually made great time. I got to see Elder Kahia and his companion, they were having a baptismal interview that night for the boyfriend of a girl we met the day I left Samabula 2nd - who woulda thunk! I was happy to see some of the people I knew and loved in Samabula. It was funny, though, because the Stake President in Suva North Stake, President Qaqa, whose home we ate at every Tuesday, thought I was still serving in Samabula - funny guy. We met the other Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and Assistants to the President at the Mission Home for what they call "Unity Night" - basically, all us leaders get together and play games to build unity in our Mission Leadership Council (MLC). It was way fun, and I got to see some of my favorite missionaries, too.

Thursday we had out MLC meeting, and it was amazing! We learned so much about building good relationships, gaining a true testimony of missionary work and family history, and presenting the message in a way that will touch peoples' hearts. President Layton spent a week on the island of Rotuma two weeks ago and stayed at the Elders' flat, so he got hands-on experience that he shared with us about presenting the message, especially the introductory lessons and the baptismal invitation. It was amazing - I learned so much! We then held a council and set some goals for the mission during the month of September. It was special to be a part of it - and the food was to die for, so that was nice too.

Got a package from Denver, Colorado - from Hermana Rebekah Pierce! 
Our mission secretary had a heart attack, though, when she couldn't figure out who Elder Pineapple was.
We then had to make the trek home with all the things our Zone needed (including a package - shout out to Hermana Rebekah Pierce!) and, as soon as we got back to the west, we immediately went on exchanges with the Nawaka elders. It was a crazy packed weekend, and it was way cool to test out the suggestions President Layton gave us during MLC about teaching new investigators and focusing on the Temple.

Sunday was great - full of giving healing blessings and visiting less-active members. One of our favorite progressing less-actives right now is Sister Labalaba, a young mother who is finding her newfound-love for the church and the gospel. I love serving as a missionary, and I love serving here in Fiji - I can't wait to see what this week will hold!

Elda Barnaby

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