Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Na Veitacini (Lautoka 2nd Area, Week 12)

LautoKlan District in our District shirts at our Beach P-Day!

So just to explain the title of this email, we went to see Sireli, Sereima, Elesi, and the gang on Saturday like we set up but we got there and everyone was sleeping (Fijians just leave their doors open during the day, that's how peaceful this country is), so we left and came back the following day. They told us that after we'd left, one of the little kids woke up Sereima and said, "Na, rau na veitacini sa qai lako oti!" (translation for those who don't know the celestial language: "Mom, the brothers just left!") But funny thing is, the word "veitacini" means brothers as in siblings - like, brothers in a family, not like referring to other people as "brother". So it was pretty crack up, just thought it put a perfect spin on our week.

Monday we hit up that beach P-Day down at a beach in Nadi called Wailoaloa (which means "Black water", which was a little unsettling at first but we got there and realized it wasn't actually black). We had a blast playing touch rugby and playing frisbee on the beach, and we took some sick District and Zone pictures too with all the missionaries here in the Lautoka Zone. Tuesday we had our Zone Training Meeting, which went very well, and we had a local barbecue stand cater for us and it turned out to be one of the best zone lunches any of us have had on our missions. Just a way fun day, and we ended it off with some splits in Nawaka area and then heading back to Lautoka.

Wednesday was pretty fun too, but Thursday is where the real fun started. We
brought two of the YSA with us, Lusi and Manu, and we went to see Rupeni, who schools at Fiji National University (FNU) and came to church last week on Lusi's invitation. He really wanted a Book of Mormon, like really bad, so we gave it to him and taught him the Restoration. It was a pretty legit lesson, and we talked again about the Book of Mormon when we saw him on Saturday. He said he wanted the English version because he said it was "titobu" ("deeper"). We were like, "Okay, this guy is for real". He didn't end up coming to church, which was unfortunate, but that's okay, he's still new with the lessons and everything.

Left to right: Lusi (member), Rupeni (investigator),
 Manu (member), Elder Afatasi, and me.
Eroni, who just 
got baptized last week!
Our lessons this week with Sireli and Sereima were just boss as, we saw them on Thursday with Manu and Lusi, and then again on Sunday afternoon with two more YSA who are preparing for missions, Uthro (our Ward Mission Leader's son) and Nunia. Sireli and  Sereima have been opening up tons lately, they have been really interested in the Plan of Salvation and it's brought out a lot of interesting comments and concerns. We talked again about baptism on Sunday when Sereima said that she was sometimes worried that her past mistakes would stop her from getting to heaven. They seemed so keen about being baptized that after the lesson,  Nunia and Uthro both said that they were really sincere investigators. It was just so nice to have great member presents this week. If youse are free, try going out with the missionaries in your area and you will be a great help to the missionaries and the investigators. It's really amazing actually the influence everyday members of the church have on people taking the missionary lessons.

Me and Elder Mong-Yen,
 the man himself
Saturday we also got to go to Nadi to do some baptismal interviews for the Nadi Hindi Elders. The two candidates were some of our favorite interviews both Elder Afatasi and I have conducted. It was super fun to see that progression and how ready they were for baptism. We were hoping for Sister Taukei's baptism to be this week, but she was never home when we went to see her and she didn't even come to church, so that was a little
disappointing, but that's okay.

Church was awesome, though. This part-member family came to church, and the mom (the only member) is less-active and said that the family members wanted to start taking lessons. So that was a cool little miracle. Best part of church, though, was the Primary Program - it was way cute and funny, and during the third hour they had a little Primary party and invited Elder Afatasi and I to join them. So we sat there with all the Primary kids eating cupcakes and ice cream. We did some visiting and then ended the day at the Lals' house with a way good dinner. Definitely one of my favorite Sundays on my whole mission.

Some pictures with members I know 
and love here in Lautoka 2nd Ward
Well, you'll see my final update a little later this week, my lovely mother will post it on the blog. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elda Barnaby

Primary Program Party - we got the invite!

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