Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I'm Taking the Lead to Heaven (a.k.a. The Calm Before the Storm) (Tavua Area, Week 17)

Tevita Tora
Boy, this has been the best worst week of my mission thus far. We had a total of 6 lessons - literally everyone fell-through this week. It was really frustrating, walking literally miles every day without anything to show for it. It was extremely disappointing.

But I'm not disappointed in myself. We worked our very hardest this week, despite our setbacks, and the week flew by. I know that only good things are looking up for next week. According to my companion, this is the "calm before the storm" - and this next week will be the storm. I'm excited!

Also, cool panorama from the roof of his house.
George, our recent convert, is the man. On Wednesday when we visited him we invited him to invite his family to church. He says he does every week - and they make up some excuse. In reply, George says, "Well, I'm taking the lead to heaven." That's right George, you are.

Love you all - sorry for the short email, I get to Skype home today!!!

Elder Barnaby

This is a baby cow. His name is Rewa. 
The name of the biggest dairy business in Fiji is Rewa. 
My companion is obsessed with him.

Elder Carlson loves animals. They don't love him.
We saw a bit of a rugby game and 
thought these fans were kinda funny.


Max was here!  Okay it was only on a computer screen, but it was the best Mother's Day present I could have ever wished for.  He has such joy in his eyes and in his voice.  I know that he is exactly where he needs to be.  He sends his love and gratitude for all your love, support, and prayers.  He has been richly blessed because of you.  As much as he has grown and tanned, he is still Max - goofy, wonderful, thoughtful and full of love for his Savior.  Now I just have to get through 7 more months and we will get to Skype with him again!

Now that is the Max we know and love!!

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