Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Monday, May 25, 2015

6 Months or 6 Minutes? (Tavua Area, Week 19)

 I'm not sure what just happened - didn't I just give my Dad one last hug as I entered the Missionary Training
Center? Last Wednesday, I hit my 6 month mark - 6 months from the day I began my mission on December 3, 2014. But honestly it has flown by faster than my sister texting at top speed.

This week was the best. Nina got baptized! She's so happy, and her uncle, who happens to be the bishop, performed the ordinance! It was really special. We had a pretty good turnout, too - mostly youth and kids, but her family got to come to support her.  On Sunday, I had the privilege of laying my hands on her head and, through the power and authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood which I bear, I confirmed her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and gave her the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is special, and only obtained through the laying on of hands of one holding the proper Priesthood authority. When one receives this gift, they are blessed with the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, to guide, help, warn, and testify to that person the truth of all things (see Moroni 10:5).
It's getting chilly - in Fiji! 
(in like the 50s Fahrenheit)
I did not consent to this
We had some other cool experiences this week, too.  On Saturday, we went to a Koro we'd never been to in the bush area of Vatukoula. We rode the bus to Korowere, then walked for about an hour and a half to find Lololevu. We kept asking for directions, and this one Fijian was like, "Oh, just come this way! You can cut through my farm! It's a shortcut!"
By shortcut he meant climbing this giant hill and winding through rows of Cassava plants and mango trees. On our return trip, it took less than half an hour to walk from Lololevu to Korowere, as opposed to an hour and a half. We went to Lololevu to try to find someone who we were told wanted to learn more about the Church. We found the house, only to discover that he wasn't home. But the lady that was, Litia, she surprised us by saying she was a member. She hadn't been to church in over 2 years, but she still had a testimony of it's truthfulness and the happiness it brought her. She asked us to come back and reteach her the missionary lessons, so that she could feel the Spirit again and return to church.
My district - 
but transfers were last week, so it's changed again!

We didn't know that there were any members out in Lololevu. In fact, this lady wasn't even on our list of members in the Tavua area boundaries. But the Lord knew her, and he sent us to find her. It was just another testimony to me that when He says that He knows His sheep, He really means it. It's what you would call a "tender mercy" of the Lord. I'm so happy to know that He knows me, loves me, and suffered all things for me, specifically. And for you, specifically (see Alma 7:11-13).

Keep on keeping on. Love you all.
Elda Barnaby

This is how we cook in Tavua.
Went to a birthday party this week! Fun fact: my first Sunday in Fiji, 
I went to this Mikaeli's sister's birthday. His cake was better though.
We on another adventure in the bush-side of Tavua 
and found a vent from the Vatukoula mines.

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