Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Au Suasua ka Liliwa Tiko - I'm Wet and Cold (Suva 4th Area, Week 2)

Here's a picture with Bishop Tora's family from Tavua - just before I left! 
Bishop was at work, sadly, but I was glad to see the rest of them.

I got this Sulu done in Tavua by a member - 
"Kai Tavua" means I'm a native of Tavua!

We were so wet this day, but it was a dinner appointment, 
so we braved the elements to get some delicious "kokoda", 
or a raw fish salad. Way tasty.

This title literally says it all. It rains all the time in Suva and it's surprisingly cold. I started wearing another Elder's long-sleeve white shirt this week, and we have no car so we're always wet! :) I think I've gotten a cold this week, it's been AWESOME.

It was pouring rain, and one of our investigators pulled 
out a giant plastic bag and cut holes in it - it was way funny
But actually, I love the people here in Suva. The members are really powerful and our investigators are just the best! We have one, Daiana, who is getting ready for baptism next month. She came to church for the first time last Sunday, and she's really excited to be baptized in August. Apparently, most of her family are members, but her parents aren't. She's way funny. Another one of our investigators, Emosi, is really excited about everything we teach him. He's way fun to teach - and he's from Ba, which means he speaks the dialect I learned while in Tavua! Way fun to be able to talk with him in the little bit of Tavua dialect I know.

This kid was way funny. I forget his name. 
We walked with his family to church, along with one of our investigators
Elder Po'ona is the MAN! We've gotten off on the right foot and just had so much fun since we've been together. He's an excellent missionary, and even though he's close to being finished, he's not trunky to go home. He's here to serve the Lord and do his very best in all he does! It's way inspiring! Because he's a District Leader, I got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders the other day. And we saw Brother Crump, my MTC Fijian teacher! He's back in Fiji with the HEFY (Humanitarianism Especially for Youth) group from Utah. Way cool! He gave me a big hug, which was surprising because he didn't hug anyone else.

I love the people here so much. My mission is the best. No where else compares.

Elder Barnaby

This is the Suva 1st/Suva 4th ward chapel - the first chapel built in Fiji! It's gorgeous!
A little taste of Suva suburbs - this leads down into Raiwai, one suburb of Suva. 
We live in Flagstaff, about a 5 minute bus ride towards Suva City

Brother Ratuvukivuki with his grandson, Kenneth, who's half-Fijian half-Texan! (I thought that was way funny) 
His dad is an RM (returned missionary) who served in Fiji. 
His wife is, therefore, the Fijian of the two. I didn't get to meet him, though.

Got to go on splits with Elder Luatua, who's in my intake of missionaries!
 He's assigned to be Hindi speaking

Rocking the new missionary attire - only kidding...
New flat - this is our bedroom! I'm on the floor again!....

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