Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, July 5, 2015

City-Boy (Suva 4th Area, Week 1)

It's official - I am no longer in Tavua! I've been transferred, after 6 months, to Suva 4th - in the city! It's way cool here! I'm here with Elder Po'ona from New Zealand - yes, my third companion from NZ - but he's the man. This is his last transfer cycle, so I'll be "killing" him (his final companion).

This area is way cool, because it's a Fijian-only ward. That means all our lessons, all our church services, everything, 100% is in Fijian. I'm SOOOOOOO excited! This is where my Fijian takes the next step! It was so sad to leave Tavua, I miss all the people there. It was actually harder leaving them than my own family, but I know this area is where the Lord needs me to be - right here, right now.

I'll tell you more next week - we're short on time today. I love you all, and now YOU are in MY prayers! This is where everything changes - my language, my mission, and my life.


Elda Barnaby

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