Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Earth Right After Rain (Samabula 2nd Area, Week 21)

Meet Immanuel. While waiting for dinner at the Tuinisautu's house, 
he proceeded to bring forth 3 basketballs and fling them at us.
Ever heard about that "silver lining" that shows where the sun is behind the clouds? Yeah that was basically this week. Literally, and figuratively. Oh, I like this theme this time! Now, I explain.

This week was, somehow, even busier and more exhausting than the week before. Some of our new investigators had us do service with them this week - way fun! We just collected wood and different leaves for their "lovo" (Fijian earth oven). It was good, hard work - I definitely got a workout carrying all the wood up and down hills! They're a nice family, and they're starting to get more interested in the Book of Mormon too.

ervice - part one! We were collecting wood for them 
to make a "lovo" (Fijian earth oven)

Service - Part 2!

This is Pita and Simeli, two of our investigators, 
with Elder Kahia during our service with them on Thursday.

We've been seeing Serewaia and Carissa Kasa, and Talei a lot this week to prepare them for their baptisms this coming week. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to see Carissa - every time we see her sister, she's not there. In addition to that, it rained all weekend, and none of them - including Talei - came to church. It was really disappointing. Like when it rains, most people just want it to stop. That's kinda how I felt at church on Sunday, when after a busy week, there didn't seem to be any fruits of our labors.

Talk about WRONG!

And another full dinner list!
Miracle days were, ironically, Friday and Sunday (which were the days it rained the hardest). Friday started with us contacting a less-active who told us, "Elders, I'm done with the church. Sorry." And that like never happens in Fiji, where they don't even invite you inside - it was a little shocking. After that, we started walking again in the rain and I turned to Elder Kahia and said, "Let's go see those potential investigators on Bureta Street" - a couple we had talked with something like two weeks ago. As we were headed over there, a car pulled over and the driver asked, "Hey, do you want a lift? But ready for the curve ball? It was the family whose house we were headed towards right then. We told the lady, Lice (not like the bug, it's pronounced "lee-they"), that we were just going to their house right then, and she was surprised, because they were wondering what they were going to do for about an hour before they went to a rugby game. Talk about the Lord's hand in His work!

We played baseball at P-Day last week!

Next miracle was, even after the not-so-great day at church (church itself was good, just the fact that none of our investigators came to church), we saw Atu and Lusi down in Nauluvatu settlement. When we got there, Atu was sleeping, and they woke him up (we told them not to - in fact, we left but they called us back) and when we sat down with him, he told us, "Elders, au mani wilika koya na lavelave ya, ka'u kila ni dina na ka sa volai kina." "Elders, I read that pamphlet, and I know that what's written in it is true." We were caught off guard, but he explained that he agreed that we need the gospel to be restored or brought back as it was in its origination by the Savior. By the time we'd explained the Restoration, the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon, Atu was determined to read the Book of Mormon to know for himself. We were so excited!

Miracles are real - just like Earth after rain.

Elder Barnaby

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