Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Too Tired To Think Of A Clever Title (Samabula 2nd Area, Week 20)

Na Vale Tabu

And that's how hard we worked this week. So much work, we're so exhausted. I'll try to cover what we did this week really quick, if I can remember past what I ate for breakfast (I had pretzels that a member gave us).

Monday we had a combined Family Home Evening with the Matanatabu's, the Kasa's, and the Toga's. Two of Sister Kasa's kids, Serewaia and Carrissa, have started taking lessons and are going to be baptized probably next week. They're so solid, we've been seeing them a lot so that we can get them baptized before the end of the transfer. We're also still working with Talei Ciri, who will now be baptized with Serewaia and Carrissa, probably on the 9th of July.
I love little Fijian kids!

Tuesday and Wednesday I was on exchanges with Elder Carlson, my old companion from Tavua who is now my Zone Leader. It was way fun - he's changed so much since I've last taught with him. I asked him if I've changed at all, and he said that I've changed so much he could hardly describe it. That was a bit of a proud moment for me - but I know that I have a long way to go, and I'm hoping to change just a lot more before I finish my mission later this year. But the exchange with Elder Carlson was way fun - I worked him so hard that we had to take periodic breaks in walking (Elder Kahia and I don't take breaks - we walk until we get there*).

We ate something called "Moca" (moe-tha) at the Tuinisautu's house, it's some kind of green that's the midway point between rourou and bele (not that any of you know what that is). It was way tasty! We ate our fill that time, and the Tuinisautu's always give us a big plate of cucumbers too, which is pretty rare in Fiji (my brother Zac would die here without cucumbers). We have some fantastic families here in Samabula, and they never let us go hungry.

Sunday was a day of a lot of ups and very few downs - the only real downer being that the Kasa's couldn't make it to church. But Salote Ravosai could, and it's been 3 years since she's been to church! Elder Kahia and I were so happy when she walked in with Sister Korologa. Elder Kahia and I also spoke in Sacrament Meeting about people we've served here in Fiji. It was fun hearing the members compliment us afterwards on our Fijian.

We found this centipede on our way to a lesson on Thursday night -
 I've never been bitten by one, but I heard that it just hurts ca sara ga
I'm sorry, at the moment like everything escapes my mind. I just know that nearly every day, we worked until we dropped. And that's what's gonna happen next week too! Let's go!

Elder Barnaby

*unless we stop at the store for a snack

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