Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Reality Check (Lautoka 2nd Ward, Week 7)

I think that the beginning of the end is almost harder than the actual end. Last week, we had transfers, and thankfully I didn't go anywhere, but Elder Fitisemanu got transferred to be Zone Leader over in Suva Zone, in the Suva 2nd Ward, while Elder Afatasi, former Zone Leader in that zone, got transferred to be with me, as my final companion. We've now also been told that Nasivikoso will be handed over to the Dratabu Elders, along with our truck (we'll be getting the van from them - that's right, Pattie's back!) I've now officially had 16 companions and 7 areas, and this is my final transfer.

Tuesday we had our Zone Training Meeting, and it went pretty good, though we ran out of time at the end so Elder Fitisemanu and I greatly shortened our training, to the point where we really didn't say much at all. But it was still a good meeting - lots was learned, and to be honest, I learned a lot about running a meeting, almost more than the actual topics discussed. The same thing happened last ZTM, and Zone Conference as well. The Lord designs these missions in an amazing way.
The Beginning....
(me entering the MTC on Dec 3rd almost 2 years ago)

Later that day we got the transfer calls, actually right as we were waiting with Miri for Peni to get home so we could review the Baptismal Interview Questions with him. It was way funny, too, cause after the call from President, we waited until it was dark out and then we turned to Miri and told her we'd come back another time and just closed in a prayer. In the prayer we asked that the Lord would help Peni prepare for the interview on his own and that he would remember everything, and to our shock, as we closed in the name of the Savior and said amen, who should walk up at that exact moment than Peni. It happened again later, as we had a wonderful lesson with the Vunibola's about the Temple and, as we talked about giving Niko the picture of his baptism, Niko walked up right then. It was awesome, because Elder Fitisemanu was then able to say goodbye to him before getting transferred.

Elder Fitisemanu left on Thursday, and I hung out with the Dratabu Elders until Elder Afatasi came in. We then worked on Transfers until Saturday, when we helped out the Dratabu Elders with the outgoing missionaries. That was a long, hard day - not only because of all the logistics, but also because it was hard seeing them go. Elder Ta'a finished his mission, as did Elder Noble, and two of the Sisters that served in my district in Samabula, Sister Fiu and Sister Taufa. It was hard saying goodbye, but I was so proud of them all - especially my comp, Elder Ta'a. Overall, though, it was just a big reality check, because I'll be in the next group of missionaries that goes through that airport to the plane home.
The Middle...(me on the beach of Taveuni over a year ago)
The Finish Line is not far ahead.....

Sunday was a nice dive back into missionary life - we had a packed house at church during the watching of General Conference. In fact, we had 4 investigators and something like 7 or 8 less-actives that came. We had to go into the overflow, there were so many people! It was a great introduction for Elder Afatasi into the ward. We were hoping to have Peni's baptism on Sunday, but Bishop asked for us to have it next week, so we obliged and so did Peni. We're so excited for him, though, and the rest of our less-actives and investigators we're working with this month.

Even though I know reality is catching up with me, I'm going to work hard and achieve much in my life these last few weeks. No need for "Ready, Set, Go" because I can see the finish line - but before then, I think I'll be on my knees a lot, and then on the move towards victory.

Loloma yani!

Elder Barnaby

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