Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fiji, Man (Tavua Area, Week 24)

This is it. This is Fiji.

Elder Vole and I bought a cake for the members 
and distributed it - just to show our love! It was super fun!

Boy, what a week! Tavua area had some crazy moments. On Thursday, I was way sick - all day, in bed. Nothing like too bad, but the pain was incredible. The Mission Nurse gave me some medicine, and I'm doing a lot better now - but that was the longest night ever. All is well, though, I'm loving the work and loving being in Fiji 

Got to go to Rakiraki area this week, from Friday to Sunday, because Elder Vole had to go back to Suva for another tooth operation. I was with Elder Lemusu from Australia and Elder Beniamin from the Gilbert Islands while in Rakiraki. It was crazy, because my trainer, Elder Beilman, served there, and he told me all these stories - and then I got to live them. Rakiraki is a way pretty place, too. We got to go to the seashore, because a lot of villages there are right on the beach. It's crazy. Fiji, man.
I was in Rakiraki area from Friday to Sunday 
this was with Elder Lemusu and Elder Beniamin in Navolau koro!

We found out this week that George (Jioje), our recently baptized member, is considered the best guitarist in all of Fiji. He's so good that one of our members told us that "other good guitarists are ashamed to play in front of him". My mind was blown - apparently he's amazing. That was way cool to find out.

I love people. That's what I've discovered this week. I love people, no matter who they are. Yes, I have differences with them and opinions and such, but I can say that I truly love the people of Fiji. I think at first, I saw them as inferior, but now I see them as superior. Think about others first, and that's when miracles happen.

Onward, ever onward! Fiji!

Elder Barnaby

Went for a run! Boy, I'm not made for this...
Just thought this was cool - this is a Fijian kitchen right by 
the seashore in Namoimada koro in Rakiraki

Just for mom!

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