Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, August 16, 2015

"What's born of water?" "Fish." (Matei Area, Week 5)

Totoka (beautiful)
(Yet another title to explain: We were talking about baptisms for the dead in Sunday School, and we read John 3:5 and asked, "What's born of water?" and one of the youth answered "Fish". Which is correct.)

These weeks are just the best. I'm exhausted, frustrated, overjoyed, excited, anxious, and everything else all at the same time. I love it. It's crazy feeling all this at once, but thankfully, the over-arching feeling is happiness. I'm just so happy.

On Monday, we got stuck in Somosomo because we missed the bus home. So, instead, we got to go to Elder Painter's farewell party at Somosomo Branch. So many people were there, and they were all appreciative of his service to the Branch! Very nice! Also, there was food. Tuesday was a fantastic District Meeting, and it was a good start to the week.

Wednesday was great, we had some great lessons, especially with Sikeli, who is so excited to be baptized at the end of the month. He needs to come to church two more times, so he might be baptized next month, but he's the man. He loves sitting down with us, he's just so excited it's contagious! Phoebe, however, isn't even back from vacation, so we have to change her baptismal date. That's okay, she's still excited for it.

At the Handover Ceremony - the kids did a Meke! (Fijian dance!)

Thursday, we went back to Somosomo to bid farewell to Elder Painter (who took the boat) and attend a "Handover Ceremony" of school furniture donated by the Church to the Somosomo District School. The ceremony was to officially handover the donation. It was a nice ceremony, there were a few chiefs there too (which was a little nerve-wracking for us who understand the culture), and then President Maiwiriwiri, the District President, spoke in behalf of the Church. Way cool ceremony, and afterwards, the school kids performed a "meke" - a Fijian cultural dance. Super cool day.
Elder Painter's last farewell! 
He's finished his 2 years! Good guy!

Sunday was a little disappointing, we only had 20 people at church, but lots of people were either gone or sick this week. Brother Celua, our Group Leader here in Matei, got home from an 18-hour boat ride from Suva Saturday night at 10pm, and came to church the next morning. He's so strong, he's the man.

We've hit a lot of obstacles in this week, but we're still aiming high. In fact, because of our setbacks, we're trying to shoot even higher - because if we just coast, or let back a little bit, that's it. It's gone, and it will be very difficult to regain the momentum of hard, effective work that we have now. So there's no giving up.

I love it.

Elder Barnaby

We were having a discussion about whose robes are cooler in this picture of Peter, James and John giving the Priesthood (the power and authority to act in God's name) to the Prophet Joseph Smith

I don't know what this Tiki is doing in Fiji...

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