Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's a boy! (Matei/Qeleni Area, Week 11)

Na luvequ taleitaki! Elder Jonutz!
Extra, extra!: Elder Barnaby is training a brand new missionary! Meet Elder Jonutz, the man himself.
He's from California, he loves surfing and snowboarding, playing the guitar, and he is so excited to serve a mission for the Lord. He has 3 sisters, all younger than him, and this is his first time out of the country. He reminds me so much of myself - it's fantastic.
Elder Sarufa from Papau New Guinea - 
we were both waiting for our new companions together

That also means I'm "senior companion", which means that I have full control of the area in which I'm serving and full responsibility for the work here. It's a big deal. Also, we're reopening Qeleni area this week for proselyting, which will be tough because neither of us know many people here. It's a lot to stress about, but I know and feel that my Heavenly Father is on my side - I'm ready for anything now!

This week, we helped a member of the Church who hadn't been coming to church to come back to full activity. In missionary terms, she was a "Returning Member". In the Fiji Suva Mission, we have goals each month to help a certain number of people become what we call "Saints" - either Returning Members or convert baptisms. It's really special to help someone come unto Christ like that.
Elder Jonutz getting off the boat! (Not that you can see him)

Branch-baptism in Matei! 

Speaking of which, on Sunday I baptized a little 8-year-old girl! She's one of my favorite little girls
from one of our families here in Matei Unit. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe that people must make their own choice to be baptized, and that when a person turns 8-years-old, they understand well enough to make that choice for themselves. I was so happy for Faith yesterday.
Her name is Faith Liahona Nasici Ratunigaloa.  A member's daughter that wanted me 
to baptize her, and I was so honored

Had to say goodbye to Elder Carter -
 my companion and my friend!
This week, Elder Noble (my District Leader) and I are reopening Qeleni. Next week, we'll be going to Labasa on the island of Vanua Levu for another training meeting. I'm so excited for all that's happening, the Lord really loves us all and His work is true and real and moving! Onward!

Elder Barnaby

P.S. In the Fiji Suva Mission, if someone trains a new missionary, they are that missionary's "dad". So I have a son! Hurray! Love you all!

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