Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Foretold Harvest (Matei/Qeleni, Week 10)

Me and My friends!
It was a tough week, we had our baptism fall through again, and he won't be baptized for a while for extenuating circumstances. It's okay, though, someday in the future there will be someone to baptize
Sikeli! This kid read the whole 
Book of Mormon in Fijian in a month!
him. Sikeli is the man. I have faith that the Lord will provide for him.

We finally got out and about this week, and I'm not sick anymore! I'm still using the crutches, but my
ankle feels so much better now. It's getting hot here on Taveuni - way hot. But I'm doing great health-wise! I still move slower with the crutches, and getting home in the evening is tough because I'm so sore from walking all day. But things are looking up. The work here is moving slowly - very slowly. But that's okay - I know I'm planting seeds for a harvest in the future! I do want to share a few experiences from this week.

One was with one of our new investigators, Dipika. She's an Indian lady (for those of you who don't know, Indians make up almost half of the population here, because of Indian laborers that the British brought a hundred-plus years ago), and she's way nice! We had invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true, and she said that she did, and it was interesting because she recognized her answer after about a week of waiting and praying. She said that she just felt and knew it was true, and that the Church of Jesus Christ was true. She currently goes to the Assembly of God church, and she's not ready to be baptized yet, but she is interested and wants to know more. God works in mysterious ways!

Cutest. Little girl. On the face of the planet.
Her nickname is Goldilocks
We only had 15 people at church this week, which is always sad - we work hard all week to fill that little building we meet in, and only 15 people show up. But they are 15 of the best. One of them was Sister Talei, a member who hasn't been coming to church for some time, but just recently, she decided to come back. She's loved it the past two weeks. We've been going over to her house and trying to strengthen her ever since I got here 10 weeks ago, and she has finally heeded that prompting of the Holy Ghost to come back to church and partake. I love it. Everyone knows I love stories - and a redemption story, that's the best kind.

Transfers are this week, and we think that Elder Carter will be transferred! Stay tuned!

Elder Barnaby

This week we attended a funereal for a church member.  It was a wonderful celebration of life.  There was lots of love and lots of food. 

And an epic card game... Go fish Fijian style!

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