Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Consecration Nation (Matei/Qeleni Area, Week 18)

I love Taveuni. Maybe I should just stay here.
This week

I don't know if I can describe it all. It was crazy, I'm going to have to pick and choose, it was all just so good. Elder Jonutz and I decided to "consecrate" ourselves this week - in other words, give it our all, be exactly obedient to the commandments and mission standards, and just let the Lord lead us. And it worked.

Monday was great, the LDS couple from America that are now living in Matei for the next 6 months, the Czieps, fed us way good food, and on Wednesday we were able to go with them to visit a few members of the church. They'll be coming with us every week to help us out and visit members and investigators with us. We're way excited. After going with them on Wednesday, we were able to see Roberta, our new investigator in Matei, and share a little more about our purpose and missionaries and our message. She let us know
The Vono family
that she likes to do her research and not believe things just because she hears them, and we were so excited because that's exactly what we encourage everyone to do - to read and pray and find out for themselves. That's when our Father in Heaven can bless us with answers to our prayers. We also saw the Vono family, who have officially been members for one year. It was real inspiration from the Holy Ghost to go there, because Sister Vono was suffering from a lot of pain that day and they had no pain killers to help her. But I had started carrying them around with me, and they expressed what a huge blessing it was that we came by.

Photo creds again, to the wonderful, Elder Jonutz
There was a public holiday, Diwali, this past week, 
and the Vono family (recent converts in Qeleni) 
got into the spirit with sparklers and fireworks. 
Thursday was our absolute best day all week - we saw so many people, it was nuts, the Lord was just using us like crazy. We did service with Sister Taylor and had a cool object lesson that involved a card trick (I'm proud to say that it was me who did the card trick, and they were definitely tricked). Later on, we saw a recent convert Ela, who came with us to see Rosi, a 17-year-old girl who we met a month or two ago but haven't had the opportunity to sit down with. She's really sincere, I'm super excited to teach her, I think the lessons are gonna go great. I did leave two fresh pineapples at her house by accident, though. Elder Jonutz wasn't pleased.
Elder Jonutz walking with Marika Vono after church.
My loyal, $5 Fijian crocs broke this week. 
Time for a new pair!

Work in Qeleni-side was tough this week, but as we worked hard and endured, the Lord was able to help us to meet new people and help others to draw closer to the Savior. Brother Tabaiwalu, who hasn't been to church in a long time, said hello to us in Qeleni village and said he would come to church on Sunday. And he did. We met new people to potentially teach - Wani in Qeleni village, Luisa in Navakacoa village, Maria in Korovou village, and more. The Lord wants us to do work there - to really work hard to bless those people!

We just had such a good week, and I know that it's because we chose to consecrate ourselves - to give ourselves up to the Lord and let Him lead His work. All I have to say is...let's do it again.

                                                                            Love you all!

Some members were going to cook this guy - 
they barely touched him and he went all Sparta on us!
Elder Barnaby

We got some fresh fruit from members!
 We ate like healthy kings all day 
(they were gone by the next day)

This is our store in Matei - the grand Sun City.
They sell Mars Bars! (and I love my Mars Bars!)

Photo creds to Elder Jonutz

This is the Catholic cathedral in Qeleni Koro - one of our new investigators said
they spent 13 years building it, all on their own power and
out of their own pockets! What a sign of faith!


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