Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pineapple Overload (Matei/Qeleni Area, Week 20)

Both the fruit and the Elder - that's me, Elder Pineapple (Elda Painapiu in Fijian). We actually ate probably four or five whole pineapples each this week, with the amount the Fijians gave us.

Seriously, though, this week was just the best thing to ever happen. It was so good, and we could have done even more! See, when you're consecrated and ready to go and willing to work as a servant of the Lord, He does amazing things, and there's just so much to do and so much more we can do each and every day! It's mind blowing! I love it!
It's also pineapple season on Taveuni - you've never had such good
 pineapple in your life, trust me. 
As the Fijians say, it's "kamikamica".

On Monday we saw Pat and Sister Koroi and read from the Book of Mormon with them. It was a special lesson! We also coordinated with the Czieps Monday night. They are the Austrian/American couple from Idaho that are living in Matei for half a year, and they were just called as Branch Missionaries in Qeleni Branch. They came out teaching with us on Tuesday and Wednesday and worked with us during a service project on Thursday. They are going to be a huge blessing to this area. They already are - they fed us Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday night! Sister Cziep is a saint, she even made us pumpkin pie.

(This one will make Mom happy)
 Brother and Sister Cziep, the American LDS couple 
that live in Matei, fed us Thanksgiving dinner! 
And yes, that is chicken, a turkey costs $120 to get to Taveuni.
Tuesday was fantastic, we saw Roberta and started sharing about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She lost the first pamphlet we'd given her, so we gave her a second one two weeks ago, and she'd lost the second one too. But this time, it was for a purpose directed by God - apparently, her dad, who's a taxi driver, was taking an American tourist to the airport when they passed by the LDS Chapel in Matei. The tourist asked if Roberta's dad knew anything about the church, and he told him that Roberta was taking lessons from us. Before they went to the airport, Roberta's dad stopped at home and picked up Roberta's pamphlet - the second one we'd given her - and gave it to the American. Roberta was so embarrassed when she told this story, but we thought it was the greatest thing ever - not only is it a funny story, but she's already doing missionary work, and she's not even a member yet! Super funny.
Thanks Grandma!!

We had another way intense lesson with Tabale and Polonia. We tried to share about the Plan of Salvation, but they had so many questions and remarks that it was just impossible to teach. Every time we'd try to answer a question, they would interrupt with another question or an assumption. I really love their family a lot, so we were trying our hardest to help them realize that by reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it, they could know for themselves of its truthfulness.
No one can know simply by study - absolutely no one. They need faith, and need to ask Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ if the book is truly Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Then, the Holy Ghost will bear witness of its truthfulness. There is no other way. The one question that got me that night, though, was from the wife, Polonia. She asked, "How do you get an answer?" The Spirit directed both Elder Jonutz and I to testify that we'd both received our answers through a wonderful feeling that only the Holy Ghost could bring. As we testified, they stayed silent, and really listened to our words. That same Spirit filled the room as we testified - it was a special experience for Elder Jonutz and I. As we walked away that night, I felt the confirming witness from the Holy Ghost that we had done our part - it's now up to Tabale and Polonia to show their faith and pray about these things with sincere hearts and real, true intent.
Service at Nau Mari and Nau Rosa's house! 
This is the Branch President, President Bautarua, 
using the brush cutter in their yard. 
Fijians don't believe in lawn mowers or something, 
so they cut all grass with brush cutters. I also enjoy his cowboy hat.

Our visits in Qeleni are harder - we just haven't spent as much time there as we have in Matei. But things are happening there too. Slowly, the Lord is helping us to touch the hearts of these people. So many amazing things are happening here on Taveuni, and I know they will continue to happen so long as the missionaries are obedient and work hard and lean on the Redeemer of the World, the Holy One of Israel - Christ the Lord. So much to be grateful for. I love you all, and I know that you love me - I can feel it. But first, love the Lord. He's the best.

Elder Barnaby

Navakacoa Village in Qeleni Area

t's crab hunting season - every night, all the Fijians are out with flashlights, searching for "Lairo" (land crabs). Sometimes cars get them first, though.

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