Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Just. Miracles. Everywhere. (Matei/Qeleni Area, Week 16)

This is me and Tukai, one of the youth in Qeleni, at the Qeleni chapel.

I can't even begin to describe all the miracles and blessings that happened this week. So many wonderful miracles, I just feel like the Lord is spoiling me! I'll share a few from this week.

Washing up in a river after the hike!
There were some way crazy things that happened - which mostly happened on Thursday. Elder Brown from Vuna Area came up for exchanges this week and we went to find someone we'd met on the street, a man by the name of Banz (yes, that is how he spelled it). We went to where he said he lived and met a nice girl there named Roberta. We asked her where Banz lived, and she said that she didn't know anyone named Banz. There were all of like 4 houses in this area, so we were way confused. We came to the conclusion that the man was either trying to avoid us, or he was drunk. But we got to sit down a little bit with Roberta, and she was way cool! She had a really interesting story, and from what she told us, the message of the Restoration is just what she's mission in her life. That was cool.

Peniasi Vono! The coolest kid!
One sad thing that happened was that we visited Phoebe to see if she could be baptized this week, but her mother let us know that Phoebe would not be taking lessons anymore, and that we didn't need to come by to see her again. That was way sad, I've been trying for about 4 months to help Phoebe get baptized, and it's rather disappointing. But it wasn't wasted time. It's never wasted time when it's the Lord's time.

Elder Jonutz got new sunglasses
This is a picture of Viliame Driti, from Tavua. 
Elder Beilman and I found him, 
Elder Carlson and I started teaching him, 
and finally, after 6 months, 
he got baptized. I'm so happy for him! So so happy!
Another miracle that happened this week was when we visited Sister Koroi. She's really active in the Church, and her husband is taking lessons right now. We were waiting for her husband to come to the lesson, but he was a little busy, so we decided to share a little message with Sister Koroi, just because we knew that we would have to leave. I just shared about what I learned in my own personal study of the scriptures - how in 1 Nephi 11, the angel answers Nephi's questions about his father's vision by showing him the Savior's life. I compared it to us as people, how as we put the Savior first in our life,
other questions and problems are answered. After the lesson, Sister Koroi started crying and shared with us that meeting us today was an answer to prayer. I felt the Holy Ghost so strongly in that lesson. I was so happy to have been in the right place at the right time and been worthy to bring a message that would touch the heart of a daughter of God. Simply amazing.

Found it! Here's the Tagimoucia flower!
Tagimoucia means "Come cry with me"

As for fun things that happened this week, we went on an adventure today to find the fabled Tagimoucia flower, which only grows on the tallest mountain on Taveuni Island. It was way fun! Wet, muddy, I'm covered in scraped and bruises, but I have the pictures to prove it! Way fun!

Transfers are this week! We'll see what's up!


Elder Barnaby
We went on a district hike today - Elder Noble and I are the worst, aren't we?

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