Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Spirit of God (a.k.a. the Year of the Fire Monkey) (Samabula Area, Week 2)

The Suva Fiji Temple, seen as Tropical Cyclone Winston hits the
island nation on Saturday. Photo by Sarah Jane Weaver.
Isa, I can't email for very long this week, I'm just going to keep it short. But I just wanted to let you know that we survived the storm - Cyclone Winston was a category 5, and we were spared from the worst of it, but Taveuni got smashed hard, so please remember the wonderful saints in Taveuni! They need a lot of prayers! As for us, we're still without power, and our flat is still a little wet, but we're having a good time anyways! Elder Jonutz and his companion are staying with us over this weekend, so it's been a great time catching up with him!
The LDS youth performing in the finale of the cultural celebration for the
rededication of the Fiji Temple.  All the missionaries are
sitting in the back right corner.
We got to attend the Fiji Temple Rededication and Celebration, and wow, it was just perfect. Things went wrong, yes - the celebration was cut short by the hurricane and there were technical difficulties when we were watching the live broadcast of the rededication, but the Lord's agenda was more than fulfilled. Lives were brightened and touched, and now souls on both sides of the veil will be saved as the Temple is now fully operational and more beautiful than ever. Hosana was the shout that rang in Fiji as President Henry B. Eyring, 1st Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church, rededication this holy house of the Lord. Boy, it was special.

And then we got a glimpse of Elder Barnaby.  Elder Barnaby's dad added a
little something to help everyone see him, and to help distract Elder Barnaby's mom
from worrying about the impending cyclone!

As for the work of salvation going on in Samabula, we're going to see what's happening next tonight. Elder Aguiar and I have some important appointments with our new investigator, Liku, and the family of Matai, who may be the family that we've been dreaming of finding. Miracles are happening, and it's high time we just have the faith to expect them. The Lord is doing amazing things here in Fiji!

I gave a training to my District last Tuesday about the "Year of the Fire Monkey", how the monkey represents us and that the fire is our faith. We're all pumped up now, and we're so excited to make this Year of Miracles into the Year of the Fire Monkey - where miracles are poured out on the people of Fiji. Let's go!

Love you all!

Elda Barnaby

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  1. Dear Max - We were so worried about you, but the Lord spared you and for that we are grateful - We have prayed for all of Fiji, the people, Missionaries and you - Our prayers were answered but some lives were lost and that is very sad - I pray for relief and housing now for all - God Bless you and and all of Fijians to come through this terrible storm - Love you, Memere and Opa <3