Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Miracles are Powered by the Prayers of the Faithful (Nakelo Area, Week 4)

Boy! What a week! I've had a hard time, but it's also been a wonderfully blessed week!

I really like Nakelo Area, and the people here. We had some killer lessons this week with Susana, Bale, and a new family of investigators, the Waqa family. Lots of crazy cool miracles happened this week as a result of these lessons. We had a fantastic lesson with Bale on Wednesday on the Restoration. She was so fascinated that we have living prophets and apostles in our day today. She told us that she was "nearly convinced" that what we were saying was true. She's just got to pray and read the Book of Mormon now - hopefully she feels the truth of our message!

The cool parts of this week revolved around a new challenge that we have as missionaries here in Fiji - to invite all that we can to come to the Suva Fiji Temple Open House. The Temple here in Fiji is reopening after 2 years of renovation, and this is a time of miracles in Fiji. The Temple is so sacred and special, and it's getting everyone excited. For two weeks later this month, the Temple will be open for the public to tour. After its dedication, it becomes a sacred edifice where only worthy members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may enter. It's really a special place - we have one near Boston, and all over the world, and now our temple in Fiji is reopening, after so long. The members here are antsy for it to be open! They're so excited! We've been giving out invitations to the Open House tours and even the non-members are excited for it!

The miracle, though, was when Susana walked into church this week. She made big sacrifices and got work off, just to come to church - and she felt good. She felt the Spirit, and she's even more excited for her baptism, which hopefully should be happening later this month. She had been praying and fasting all week to find a way to come, and so had we, and the Lord blessed us with a wonderful miracle. I was over the moon on Sunday - there's a special Spirit that permeates the work of salvation, and I get to feel it all the time.

I love you all! My scripture of the week is found in Mosiah 2:6 - go check it out!

Elder Barnaby

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