Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Now I'm the Only Non-Fijian at Church (Nakelo Area, Week 5)

Elder Tabala and Elder "Nice-tan-line" (a.k.a. me)
That's right - we had another transfer! The official transfer is next week, but last week we had one a little early. Elder Sooula went down to Suva, and I'm still here in Nakelo with a Fijian Elder named Elder Tabala! He's the man - he stays in Suva, and is a convert of just 3 years. He's actually been called to serve in the Australia Adelaide mission, but he's waiting for his Visa to come in, so he's
serving in Fiji for the meantime. Not sure how long he'll be with me, but for now, we're going to have a good time!
Get over the cuteness of this face. I dare you.

This week has been tough, to say the least - a lot of people were gone, but it was still super fun pushing ourselves to see as many people as we possibly could. It was also a week of service. On Thursday, we helped Brother Ligica build and paint parts of his new house. It was so fun - and they fed us both lunch AND dinner that day, so I had no complaints. We had a fun village Family Home Evening at Brother Ligica's son's house in the village we live in, Muana. Yes, we live in a village. I think it's the coolest thing ever, even if we are on the outskirts.
Building a member's house!

Sereo Ligica, otherwise known as "Bo"
The other service project was at the Nakelo District School - we got together with the Kuku and Nausori Elders to cut the grass of their rugby field. Bo! That was way too big of a project! We were there for 5 hours and we only got half of it done, because Fijians always use brush-cutters to cut grass...boy that was too hard. We were able to visit a less-active and her husband, who just started taking lessons, right after the service on Saturday, and the less-active came to church. Her name is Miriama, and she's Brother Ligica's daughter (the one with the FHE - I know, it's confusing), and the Ligica family was so happy on Sunday, it was the best. Also, Anaseini, the less-active we've been working with, came to church too!

Boy, it's been a tough but awesome week!! I think we'll have to push back Susana's baptism, because she didn't come to church, but even that doesn't dampen my spirits. I love being here in Fiji!

Elder Barnaby

Lots of service this week!

This is a chief's house in one of our villages, Lomainasau. We've got an appointment there on Tuesday!

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