Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, March 1, 2015

We Eat At Curry Corner A Lot (Tavua Area, Week 7)

He is the Reason!
I also thought this picture looked cool and artistic
like something Mom and Emma would do.
(It's true)
Bula Vinaka!

It was a hectic week! I'm surprised we got so much done! We went down to Lautoka on Monday and Tuesday for another Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) and Elder Beilman and I stayed with the Lautoka 2nd Ward Elders again. We visited a new member family in Lautoka and had dinner with them - man it was good! Their little boy was so funny.

ZTM was good, though kind of long. One of the Elders in our district got brownies thrown at him (for a demonstration, it was pretty funny). The trip back though was long, the bus ride was not enjoyable. Public transportation is Fiji is no good unless you're going long distance, like to Suva (which is like 8+ hours).

Speaking of transportation, I learned how to drive this week! I mean, I knew how to drive, but I learned how to drive a manual! In a truck! On a back-bush road! Boy, it was actually way fun! I got the hang of it pretty fast, but boy, was it hard. Elder Tinney, one of our Zone Leaders, taught me how to drive in their truck. It was very different, and I stalled on every hill. When we got back to town, I stalled in the middle of the street - scary! We're good though, just a little shaken up. Apparently you shouldn't start the car in 3rd Gear.

We plan a lot.  
This is my planner - pretty sweet huh? We get a ton of church magazines 
and cut out pictures to use on our planners.
The one baptismal date we had, the person backed out. She said she didn't feel ready for baptism yet. Even though that's sad, we understand and actually welcome it - as missionaries, we don't want to force people to be baptized. We are only here to invite, and especially invite all to pray about our message to know it's truth for themselves. We ended up talking about and reading from the Book of Mormon, which is a sure way you can know of the truthfulness of this Gospel and this Church. It ended up being a rather spiritual experience, and I think the investigator felt the Spirit as strongly as us.

I love it here. I love the people, I love the culture, I love the food, and I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The more I study, the more I teach, and the more I testify, the more I learn and grow and love it! And the more I appreciate my Savior - wow, He did so much more for us than we can ever repay.

Onward, ever Onward.

Elder Barnaby

Two men on a mission.  Me and Elder Beilman
just doing our thing.

With some help from our friends....

This is Tevita (David in English), the Bishop's son. He's a riot.

My peeps!
I heard Gabe was a hit.  
When I started to take the picture it was just Gabe and I.
Then I looked back and there were two more kids on me.
If I had known I would have tried to get there faces in the shot.
Always room for one more!

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