Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Swiss Miss and Clean Flats (Samabula 2nd Area, Week 12)

 Sorry, this will be a quick one - we have a big P-Day activity today with the Suva and Suva North Zones combined!

In his clean flat!!
This week was hard - and rewarding. Monday we had dinner at the Stake President's house, which prepared us for Tuesday, which was the scariest day of all - Flat Inspection day. And our mission president's wife came to do it. Thankfully, she walked in and told us that we had the best smelling flat she'd been to. That was good to know. We earned cookies as a reward.

We had exchanges later on this week with the Zone Leader and the Assistants to the President, where both Elder Ta'a and I learned tons of good things about becoming better missionaries. We were also able to participate in the Sister's baptism in Samabula 1st, which was exciting (hopefully I'll have the picture next week).

The Matanatabu's are getting evicted from their home, due to their association with the church, which is so sad but their reaction has been so powerful - Sofaia does not want to give up ever! She's so powerful, so inspiring.

Also, we got Swiss miss this week, a real blessing for us.

Elder Barnaby 

Next Week we get to Skype with Max for Mother's day!!
This is from Christmas and we can't wait to see and hear from our favorite Fijian Missionary!!

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